many people feel, think and still hope that they can find A true answer when it comes to masturbation, the need for it and is it sinful or not.  Well, lets see if I can help to make it a bit more clearer to as many of you as possible.  If you do not believe in God or that there is no God,  no  Bible, or Scriptures, well there will be no need to read on or comment on this topic.

But, If you have some sense of a higher being then we can connect on a positive level.  I will first explain what masturbation is (LAYMAN’S TERMS).

What you see is not what you get, such as: you are a married man, you’re not dating, shaking up nor having a fling. You however have pledged under God a pledge of love, honor, respect and of course keeping sexually committed to your spouse and forsaking ALL others for  your lifetime. Forsaking? This simply means LEAVE THEM ALONE! Not a thought nor an act of anything sexual with any other human being . Performing  any form of fornication? Fornication simply means doing ANYTHING SEXUALLY outside the marriage BED with any person, subject or beast. Marriage is honorable, said the Lord and the bed undefiled. (means; that what YOU the husband and your wife want to do together, between the two of  you both have to agree with,  in a loving way under God is a blessing to God.

So, now that is clear, lets talk about masturbation.  Touching ones self to pleasure ones OWN self while dreaming, thinking and  having a  fantasies about someone who they can not touch, smell and or taste.  Having an  ejaculation (spilling ones seed outside of their wife’s vagina) either in his had, dishcloth, floor or in the shower.  This of course is not natural.

Masturbating breaks several covenants, commandments and laws of God………..let’s see how many?

Thou shalt not make thee any graven images, or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the waters beneath the earth!

With Porn and  lusting one becomes addicted and therefore makes those image’s  their God, one can not stop their thoughts or desires of the ingrained images of the sexual connotations, acts and or perversions that they placed in their hearts. As we all know God and the Devil cannot dwell in the same place. Good or evil,  you have the choice to replace good with evil or replace evil with good. Watching naked men and women have sex while you stroke your penis and place yourself in the sexual act with the person or people in the vision, movie, or fantasy, makes you guilty of fornication, adultery and breaking the marriage covenant and laws of the Lord our God. Sin! It is!

Next, Thou shall not bow down thyself unto them, nor serve them: for I am the Lord thy God and am a JEALOUS GOD! How can you masturbate daily and love to watch pornography, have  fantasies of woman, men and or children in a sexual  perverted way and think God approves? Lusting after that which  you cannot have and is not yours to have is a sin. Where is God in all this, where is your wife while you are in a world of sexual perversion masturbating and ejaculating to someone else’s wife, mother, sister, friend or beast? This is Godly, ok? Fancy that!

THOU SHALL NOT KILL! Can you also kill your natural desires for your wife and for women? Can you kill the love you have for yourself and for others? Yes, you can and it WILL happen sooner than later when one masturbates.  Masturbation kills all natural affections and desires you are to have for your wife. Masturbating kills all feelings of sexual highs you are to have for the one you are in covenant with. Masturbating to an image, movie and or giving in to the sin of wanting to ejaculate on that feeling or want,  kills all natural love and commitment to God and your wife. You have filled your head with thought’s of   people who you are not in covenant with, this is sin.  You are killing your natural desires for not just your wife, but God’s truth, family and love. There is nothing natural about having sex with yourself and dreaming in your heart that you are with the PTA mom Cindy.

Neither shall thou commit adultery! Adultery? What is this, what does it mean? Well, lets break it down in LAYMAN’S TERMS! This is pretty simple, adultery simply means, having any sexual desires, visions, thoughts, fantasies, acting out in a  physical sexual way and alike, with any person, persons, things or beast while in a covenant marriage under God , City State and or Government. Keeping your mind, heart and body pure,  in relationships to thoughts and desires for your wife only.

Neither shalt thou desire thy neighbors wife, neither shalt thou covet thy neighbors house.  Desire means  to want, dream or fantasize about something that is not yours or belongs to your neighbor(another man’s). Another man’s wife is of course off-limits said the lord! For a man to masturbate to another man’s wife is a sin unto God and his own soul, he has committed adultery against his wife,  he has broken the marriage vowels he caused great damage to his own soul. The wife of a friend, co-worker, neighbor is all should be left alone and not thought of as if she was yours to have and to hold. To have sexual relations with  anyone at any  given period of the day wherein your heart, thoughts and soul. ( His)  wife is not a gift to you from God.  To  shower and masturbate wishing you were inside of the woman in your thoughts and having sex with her as if she was your real spouse is straight sinful. Replacing your natural affections for your wife and replacing love with lust is a demonic force you are calling into your soul from the deepest parts of the earth. You have removed all natural love and a bond between you God and your wife. That’s why it gets easier for a man to masturbate over and over, for years and decades. They now prefer the intangible women and men as opposed to their real, alive, speaking,  feeling,  spouse. They replaced the real deal with the imaginary thought and visions of the woman they see, or  have viewed on-line,  or have exchanged simple words with during the day. Its sin!

Thou shall not steal! When a man masturbates he is stealing the love, desires and trust away from his wife. He is stealing and taking away the natural desires, lust, love, honesty, trust, joy, commitment, and Godliness away from not only himself but his wife as well.

Masturbation steals your soul, mind, thoughts, critical think, hope, your freedom and your whole being away from all that this normal, natural and Godly. It leaves a man lonely, depressed and in agony. It will steal the love and admiration one feels for their wife and will destroy everything and everyone around them. Its sin!

The scripture say;  What? Do you not know that if you join yourself with a harlot( prostitute ) you are now one body one flesh? But he joined to the Lord is one spirit!

Flee fornication. Every sin that a MAN doeth is without the body; but he that committed fornication sinned against HIS OWN BODY! You don’t know that the body is the TEMPLE of the HOLY GHOST which is in you, which ye have of GOD, and ye are not your own. Meaning you can not do what ever you want with your body.

Let every man have his own wife and let every woman her own husband.

Husband love your wife as Christ loves the Church.

Masturbation is having sex with a person, place or thing that you can not touch, reach, hold and or does not belong to you. It is a sexual act one does to pleasure oneself  resulting in ejaculation. Thinking about another mans wife is not only immoral but it is also sinful. Masturbation in whole is perverted, why? Because if you think about a woman in a lustful way, which means to get aroused and erect to an image, thought and or vision of a person or thing that is not real to the touch and or is a figment of your imagination. Sexual relations with oneself is selfish, sinful and kills all need to please God or your wife. You are having sex with hundreds or men and women from all walks of life, who you watch on TV, who you meet in the mall, on an air plane and or someone in a movie or show.  These people are not your wife and you have no business thinking about them or sexing them up,  so  that you transpose yourself with them to ejaculate. Where is the good in that? Where is your wife.

A double minded man is unstable in ALL his WAYS. Not some but all!

Do you want her? YES! you want her! NO! Today you want your wife? NOW today, you want her over there. And in your own secret way you have her. You have had sex with her or him again and again! You have committed adultery again and again. Your wife is not her or him. You are sexually aroused and you like having sex with yourself and your fantasy dream girl or guy that you cannot have. So a man thinks…  he will do, as you dream and think it will lead to fantasy, the fantasy leads to masturbation, masturbation leads to the act of adultery. If you seek out that fantasy it now becomes an affair, the affair replaces your natural affections of your love for your wife. You therefore want more of the thoughts and the dreams, desires and fantasy you have stored up in your heart. Not just your mind, but your heart, mind and soul. These desires are against the natural order of Gods kingdom and that’s why it produces such turmoil and destruction to the masturbator, his family and own body.

A man should lay with a woman, that woman will be  taken in marriage and having sex while married honors GOD! Why? The reason sex during marriage is because this is the closes two human beings come to understanding the love God has for them. When married and in love with your spouse forsaking all others, this is a strong statement you are making unto GOD and to your wife.



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